Trey Crim

Reflecting in the Chrome: A NIN Live Recording Archive
Reflecting in the Chrome is an archive of Nine Inch Nails’ live recordings over the years. They put a call out for some artwork to go along with these recordings. It sounded like a fun project, so I threw my hat in the ring to work on just the recordings from The Fragile era. After designing some things for those shows, I became inspired to work on some of the other tour cycles. One thing led to another and I ended up creating something for each era. Not everything I created is necessarily going to be used, but I had fun working on it. So, if you are a Nine Inch Nails fan and you end up downloading a recording or two from, you might see some of my artwork along with the music.

nin_1991_01_24.jpg nin_selfdestruct_05_14_1994.jpg nin_wwodstock_08_13_1994.jpg nin_fragility_v2e_06_24_2000.jpg nin_2005_05_22.jpg nin_2006_05_27.jpg nin_2008_08_07.jpg nin_2013_10_11.jpg nin_2014_07_29.jpg